Are you living with a different appearance? Are you a parent to a child who looks different? Do you work with people in these situations? Welcome to this page! Feel free to look around – you might find something that interests you. Read about us and how we work, take a look at some links we have found relevant and don’t forget to check out our reading suggestions! We’d like it if you sign our guest book before you leave, and if you like to contact us, you could use our e-mail address.

We want to create a place to meet for young people with facial changes, to give a chance for experiences to be exchanged and support to be given and taken. An active chat is to be found on this page, which is closed for those who haven’t got a password. The chat is open at any time, but Wednesdays and Sundays at 7 p.m. (CET) are times when you more easily find someone present there. Do you want to join the chat and find new friends in the same situation? Send an e-mail to us and get your own personal password.